The Institute for the Conservation of Neotropical Carnivores – “Pró-Carnívoros” is a private, civil association, with nongovernmental and non-profit status. It was founded in 1996, with headquarters in Atibaia – São Paulo state and develops projects throughout Brazil.

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Is a jaguar or wolf preying on domestic animals? Find guidance here.

CENAP / ICMBio maintains a dedicated telephone line for reports of incidents with carnivores anywhere in Brazil: (11) 4411-6633

Almost all species of wild carnivores occurring in Brazil face conservation problems and a major cause of declining populations and genetic erosion is death by hunting and poisoning, caused by conflicts between these carnivores and domestic livestock (including cattle, goats, and poultry).

To avoid or mitigate these conflicts Pró-Carnívoros and CENAP / ICMBio are working to create a network of technicians to attend instances of predation reported by farmers. The mission of these experts, together with researchers' is to identify factors that predispose animals to predation and develop methods that can be implemented to minimize the impacts of predation.

Research is currently being developed in the Pantanal, where farmers consider livestock predation by jaguars a source of substantial economic loss. Indeed jaguar and puma are the species most often associated with predation of cattle and horses. But sheep can also be preyed upon by crab-eating foxes. However, domestic dogs, feral or not, seem to be the main predators of sheep in some regions. The predation of poultry such as chicken and ducks is associated with small to medium sized carnivores such as ocelot, the 5 species of forest cats, tayra, foxes, and less frequently raccoons.

A number of management practices have been identified as effective in preventing predation, such as housing animals at night, use of electric fences and veterinary care for livestock, which prevents diseases that may otherwise weaken domestic animals making them more vulnerable to predation.

Publications from Pró-Carnívoros about predation

Manual de Identificação prevenção e controle de predação por carnívoros.

Authors: Maria Renata Pereira Leite Pitman; Tadeu Gomes de Oliveira; Rogério Cunha de Paula; Cibele Indrusiak.
Brasília: Edições IBAMA 83 p.: il. Colour., 15.5 x22, 5cm. Includes bibliography.
It can be purchased on our website at the products link.

Cartilha Carnívoros Silvestres e Proprietários Rurais - vamos melhorar este relacionamento?

Authors: :Cibele Indrusiak e Tadeu de Oliveira.
Brasília: Edições IBAMA 10 p.: il. Colour. , 2002.
Email for availability and postage costs.

Comic Toinzinho and the Jaguar

Authors: M. Renata P. Leite Pitman e Peter G. Crawshaw Jr.
Publisher Lake. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 16pp, 1999.
Is a freely distributed educative comic for children. Through a simple plot, it approaches the topic of "problem jaguars" in rural properties. It is part of the series "Toizinho", published by LAKE (11) 227-1396 / 229-0526 / 229-1227

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