The Institute for the Conservation of Neotropical Carnivores – “Pró-Carnívoros” is a private, civil association, with nongovernmental and non-profit status. It was founded in 1996, with headquarters in Atibaia – São Paulo state and develops projects throughout Brazil.

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Education Materials


Environmental Education and Training are important tools in conservation. Training courses and production / dissemination of educational materials are important parts of the work of Pró-Carnívoros.

Courses are held periodically in order to provide training in research and conservation of carnivores and specific training for technicians responsible for attending instances of predation on livestock by carnivores.

As background material for these courses we have developed the " Manual de Identificação, Prevenção e Controle de Predação por Carnívoros " which is published in partnership with CENAP / IBAMA.

Pró-Carnívoros also produces material aimed at farmers, including the booklet " Carnívoros Silvestres e Proprietários Rurais - vamos melhorar este relacionamento?", which provides an introduction to the problem of predation and suggests measures to protect domestic animals and reduce human wildlife conflicts. It is freely available but supplies are limited. It can be obtained by sending a short explanatory memorandum for the request (motives and use) by e-mail to


The freely distributed comic “Toinzinho the Jaguar” is directed at children. Through a simple plot, it approaches the topic of “problem jaguars” in rural properties. It is part of the series “Toizinho” Published by LAKE (11) 227-1396 / 229-0526 / 229-1227  

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Adress Horacio Neto, 1030 Park House 10 Edmundo Zanoni Atibaia - SP - 12945-010, Brazil.Phone: (+55) 11 44116966