The Institute for the Conservation of Neotropical Carnivores – “Pró-Carnívoros” is a private, civil association, with nongovernmental and non-profit status. It was founded in 1996, with headquarters in Atibaia – São Paulo state and develops projects throughout Brazil.

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How to Help

Your support is very important for the continuity of work for the conservation of mammalian carnivores in Brazil. You can collaborate with this work in several ways. Choose from the options below for how best to do your part.

Suport Pró-Carnívoros

Transform your business into our partner.

Put your company among those who participate in generating solutions to environmental problems. There are many ways to participate: by donating part of the profit from a specific product and displaying our logo on this product, fixed monthly donations, and supporting the organization of fundraising events. Contact us for further details and be our partner. You will receive constant news about the development of projects and the importance of your contribution. You, your customers and employees will be proud of a partnership with the Instituto Pró-Carnívoros.

Tel: (+55) 11 4411-6966
Our address: Av Horacio Neto, 1030 Park House 10 Edmundo Zanoni Atibaia - SP CEP 12945-010, Brazil.

Become an individual collaborator.

Fill out the contact form or e-mail

Purchase our products.

T-shirts, stickers, books .... various items that help raise awareness of our institution. Go to the products icon on our home page or click here.

Prefer our partners when choosing products or services.

These companies, directly or through foundations linked to them, not only produce products and / or quality services at competitive prices but also invest part of their profits in the conservation of mammalian carnivores.

Discerning consumers who, when choosing products or services, consider environmental issues and the corporate responsibility of businesses, help to build a society that is more mature and responsible in its relationship with the environment.

Environmental respect.

Recycle materials, use waste disposal services, avoid pollution, save water and energy, find out about environmental issues in your region and, when it comes to vote, consider the position of your candidate on environmental issues.

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Adress Horacio Neto, 1030 Park House 10 Edmundo Zanoni Atibaia - SP - 12945-010, Brazil.Phone: (+55) 11 44116966