The Institute for the Conservation of Neotropical Carnivores – “Pró-Carnívoros” is a private, civil association, with nongovernmental and non-profit status. It was founded in 1996, with headquarters in Atibaia – São Paulo state and develops projects throughout Brazil.

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Road Kills


The impact of road kills on wildlife is an important negative factor that places additional pressure on natural populations of carnivores. Some researchers have found that carnivore species are the most seriously affected by road kills, which is why here at Pró-Carnívoros we are also turning our attention to this problem.

Important information

When driving, observe the speed limit and even reduce your speed more near Protected Areas - Parks and Reserves. Avoid travel during dusk, when animals are most active. Slow down when passing near rivers, as animals are common on these sites.  

What should I do when I see a wild animal that has been run over?

For your safety, do not stop on the road. The hard shoulder should be used only for emergencies.

Write down the road (name, number), location on the road, the type of road (dirt track, asphalt, single dual carriageway etc), the kind of animal do you think was, the weather (rain, fog, etc.), date, time, whether it was you who ran it over or witnessed the accident or just found the carcass already dead. Then, after your journey is safely completed pass this information to Pró-Carnívoros using this form.

If you see a road kill on a road maintained by a private concession (toll road), you should inform them immediately of the incident. They must provide the necessary assistance for the animal if it is injured or the removal of the carcass, if already dead. If the carcass is not removed from the site, it may attract scavengers to the roadside and soon they too may be killed.

If you decide to stop at the side of the road to observe the animal, which is not recommended, remember: do not touch the animal. If the animal is injured it may hurt you and even when dead, there is a possibility of disease transmission which can be very dangerous. If you take a photograph, remember to put something next to the carcass for use as a scale (a pen, matchbox, etc.).
 What will be done with the information I provide?

Your information will be added to the information collected from other drivers and in the future we hope to show on our site the specific stretches of roads throughout Brazil with the highest number of incidents reported by internet users.

• before leaving on a trip you can check if you will drive through a area known to have a high incidence of road kills, and therefore drive carefully in these areas;
• Newspapers, schools, NGOs and university researchers from these sites may know about the problem and be looking for the best local solution;
• Eventually, in cases where a stretch of road has a significant rate of accidents involving wildlife, Pró-Carnívoros may directly promote actions to prove scientifically what was reported by internet users and provide solutions.


Click here to open the form to report a road kill.

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